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  • Set-The-Week Meeting
    This is how we jumpstart our week! We gather to schedule a new week of opportunities. This includes but is not limited to field trips, outings (from short walks to long distance travel), projects, classes, workshops, games, film screenings, etc. These offerings are made by any participant including Resource People (parents, other family members, friends from our larger community) who choose to offer their time, skills, knowledge, wisdom, stories, experiences, etc. and get commitments from those interested. These are often exciting meetings! Popular offerings may get scheduled regularly (daily, weekly, monthly). Possibilities become a reality as activities are posted on a Weekly Schedule Board where they’re easily referenced throughout the week.
  • Stand-Up Meeting
    This is how we jumpstart our day! We gather (while standing) to quickly share our intentions for the day as well as make requests for support. This allows us to start each day with intention, accountability, and opportunities for collaboration. A Daily Schedule Board is utilized to organize and visualize current day activities so that everyone knows what is happening where and when.
  • Change-Up Meeting
    All participants gather for a check-in with the intention of discussing and possibly changing up the culture and practices of ALC Oahu. Participants bring “awarenesses” to the meeting. An awareness is an issue that the participant would like the group to address. The group brainstorms solutions and then picks one to implement for a short period of time. The group revisits the solutions at the next Change-Up to see if the issues have been resolved. If necessary, new solutions are implemented and practiced until mastered and therefore, resolved. A very useful tool for tracking and visualizing the process is the Community Mastery Board (CMB). Click here to learn more about Change-Up and CMB from our friend and fellow Agile Learning Facilitator (ALF), Drew!
  • Circle-Up Meeting
    To conclude our day, we focus on personal and group reflection. We take this time to share whether or not we accomplished what we intended to, along with how or why not. Learners utilize documentation tools to self-assess their progress towards their goals and decide whether they want to change how they will approach their intentions the next day. We then move into introspective shares on gratitude, acknowledgement, release (getting something off their chest), etc. These meetings create a feedback cycle through which learners grow in self-awareness and get to know each other on a deeper level.


Some things are central to what ALCs are about, while other elements are flexible and may vary between communities by their respective local cultures and locations.

We embody the essential element of trust.

The principles or roots, which ground the ALC model are…



Learning is natural. It’s happening all the time.



People learn best by making their own decisions. Children are people.



People learn more from their culture and environment than from the content they are taught. The medium is the message.



Accomplishment is achieved through cycles of intention, creation, reflection and sharing.


We practice a simple cycle…



What do you want to accomplish?
We choose what we want to do,
both as individuals and as a group.



What are you going to do about it?
We spend our days exploring and inventing.
Once we know what we want, we create it.



What did you learn from your choices?
We develop awareness of what worked and what didn’t,
so we can move forward more powerfully.



What would you like to share with others?
We learn with and from each other.
To create shareable value, we document our learning experiences
which records measurable progress and builds student portfolios.