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Agile Learning Centers are spreading rapidly across the globe. Here is your chance to be part of this educational movement in Hawai’i!

Agile Learning Center Oahu is a resource hub and shared workspace for youth ages 7-17. We are not a school so our initial students who desire an intentional community for self-directed learning must be legally registered as homeschoolers (unschoolers and other non-schoolers fall under this category) or aim to complete this legal process.

At Agile Learning Center Oahu, learners gain 1-on-1 mentorship, access to community resources, and interact within a collaborative space around their personal intentions, projects, and goals. The next steps of Agile Learning Center Oahu’s development will involve all initial participants: enrolled learners and their families, supporters, facilitators, ALC network.



    • Location:

    • 1st Year Start and End Dates:
      August 24, 2015 – May 26, 2016

    • Hours: 
      9:30am – 4:30pm
      *Closed for holidays, winter & spring breaks 

    • Now enrolling students ages 7-17

    • Facilitator to student ratio = 1:8

    • Students will test out, modify, and co-create new ALC tools and practices

    • Those who are new to homechooling will have the time / space / support in “de-schooling” or decompressing from traditional schooling

    • The foundation of Agile Learning Center Oahu is developed through the support of ALC Network. Additionally, we intend to implement an exchange program with our extended Ohana of learners, families, and facilitators from other ALC locations.

1st Year Goals

  1. Gain a local following of supporters and people resources
  2. Receive affordable access to up-to-date educational facilities throughout Oahu
  3. Develop ALC Oahu to be both affordable and financially healthy / sustainable
  4. Host people from all over the world who wish to help us grow
  5. Obtain 501(c)(3) status We now have a Fiscal Sponsor!
  6. Smoothly expand on enrollment, staff, and support systems, to most effectively support the needs of our initial learners and their families
  7. Obtain new physical gathering space(s) throughout the island so that our growing body of learners will have better access to local resources, as they immerse deeper into their projects and explorations