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ninaprofileNina Faye Blanco grew up on Oahu from the age of 9. She is an artist and visionary with a lifelong passion for learning and travel. By imagining the space she would have truly thrived in as a child, the vision of what has grown to be Agile Learning Center Oahu, would not only come from a dynamic mindset and design eye but also profoundly from a paradigm shift of the entire education system as a whole.

In studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Nina was inclined to design sustainable schools and health centers–places of mindfulness, learning, and healing. Her on-going independent studies include psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, astrology, healing arts, fine arts and alternative education, just to name a few. After receiving a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design, Nina set off to explore the world: solo-backpacking through Europe, living in Chicago, completing an intensive summer program at Harvard Graduate School of Design, and working at the Honolulu Design Center. She spent three years living an unconventional lifestyle as an international flight attendant.

Through the 2014-15 school year, Nina was a resident facilitator at Agile Learning Center NYC. Her time was spent learning with and from young people, ages 7 to 17. This provided the foundational support in raising Agile Learning Center Oahu, along with the immeasurable guidance and advocacy of Nina’s family and friends. Passionate educators, social entrepreneurs, natural environments, and lifelong learners of all ages continue to teach her all she needs to know, as she collaborates with countless others in turning a shared vision into reality.

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