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Agile Learning Center  O A H U

Agile Learning Center Oahu provides a co-creative space where young people can focus on personal strength-building and collaborative exploration through self-directed learning. Our students tap into a whole new world of lifelong learning opportunities through the bridges we build with local and non-local businesses, organizations, and individuals who offer a vast variety of skills, knowledge, wisdom, and resources. Within our shared-space, our students and staff intentionally design a supportive environment based on trust, mutual respect, and co-creation.

We open the space for our youth to engage with the island community while sharing and collaborating around self-generated projects based on personal choice. Our students will have access to a new space that amplifies freedom of creativity, exploration of natural gifts, and honing of strengths. At Agile Learning Center Oahu, our facilitators lead by example and together, we create endless opportunities to reignite personal power.

Children are people too and just like anyone else, our youth desire to feel validated and supported. Every child is unique and brilliant in their individual ways, yet existing education systems and models still fail to acknowledge, accept, and honor children as they are, without first placing them in competition for recognition and ready-made opportunities toward extrinsic reward.

With such a system still in place, we as a global community have chosen to allow the perpetuation of a mindset that separates learning and living. Therefore, we are responsible for separating our children from authentically experiencing, understanding, and simply being in harmony with the world in which they live. As an independent entity that is interdependent on local and global networks that honor the voice and power of our youth, Agile Learning Center Oahu will be the very catalyst that activates fundamental social change.

We presently exist in the 21st century, a time of paradigm shifts across all systems worldwide. With information at our fingertips and access to communication with nearly anyone throughout the globe, people are learning almost everything they need to know in the very moments they need to know it, at rapid and unprecedented rates.

Particularly in Hawai’i, we represent an international nucleus of cultural wisdom and universal beauty that stems from the islands of Polynesia and branches outward with and transmuted by the people of Asia and North America, as well as other varied influence throughout the globe. In response to this and in alignment with the Spirit of Aloha, Agile Learning Center Oahu strives to be an inclusive and culturally-sensitive community of purpose. Moreover, our students will stay connected with their individual aspirations while also experiencing ways in which to respectfully and intentionally co-learn and co-create new solutions for the challenges of both today and tomorrow. We are integrating the knowledge, skills, and resources of multiple generations to powerfully move toward a more peaceful world of possibilities.

Over time, Agile Learning Center Oahu will pioneer a dynamic and innovative model for synergetic learning through an intentional community of trust, respect and harmony among all, for generations to come.


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